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Biagio Aprea is a renowned Chef from Naples, Italy. 

He started his career in Italy working for one of the most important Hotel chains in the world, the Holiday Inn, and later decided to move to Seoul seeking new life and professional experiences. 

His talent and hard working attitude has brought him to be one of the best Italian Chefs in South Korea.

He worked in many iconic Italian restaurants in Seoul and later for important companies as Executive Chef and R&D: Wood and Brick, Maeil Seed co. Salvatore Cuomo and Spc group.

He is also often asked to participate in Korean Tv food programs and competitions, Youtube videos and Italian Cultural Events.

For Biagio the most important thing is sharing his culture and authentic recipes from Italy, quality and originality are his focus points, he is the first Chef to introduce traditional Naples dishes in South Korea such as “Pizza fritta”, the Napoli style Genovese sauce and many others.

With Osteria Anna he continues his life goal of spreading Authentic Italian cuisine and traditional Napoli style recipes abroad!